Calculator in dough sparks mass recall of hot cross buns in Australia

Health authorities have ordered an urgent recall for hot cross buns in South Australia after a small calculator was found in the dough.

On Saturday, The Chapley Group, which operates Pasadena Foodland, responded to a customer complaint.

The complainant said they found plastic in their Easter treat. The plastic was found to have originated from a small calculator that had crept in to the dough.

"The concern with a calculator is that it contains a button battery which, if swallowed, can cause serious injury or even death," said South Australia's Acting Chief Public Health Officer Dr Chris Lease on Tuesday.

Despite button batteries being tiny, they can burn people's insides if swallowed. The batteries send around 20 Australian children to emergency rooms weekly.

Dr Lease said the recall was precautionary, and there have been no reports of harm or injury. The South Australian Health Board does not think the calculator was placed deliberately.

In 2018, sewing needles found in strawberries throughout Queensland and Western Australia caused six brands of the fruit to be pulled from shelves.

A 50-year-old woman was arrested in relation to the tainted strawberries.



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