Canadian border agents discover dead body in back of car

The US-Canada border
The US-Canada border Photo credit: Getty

Canadian border agents are supposed to be on the lookout for illegal drugs and weapons. So they got the surprise of their lives after discovering a dead body in the back of a car.

The Quebec family, reportedly a couple in their 80s and their son in his 60s, were coming back from a vacation in Florida when the father began experiencing heart problems, Le Journal de Montreal reports.

But they decided taking the elderly man to hospital would be too expensive because of the US healthcare system.

Instead, they tried to make it back to Canada for treatment. Unfortunately, he died from a suspected heart attack along the way.

The mother and son then decided that getting his body shipped back properly would be too expensive. So they decided to put the corpse in the back of the vehicle and continue to drive towards the border.

When they reached the crossing on Sunday 31 March (local time) they were intercepted by border agents. Paramedics and police were called to the scene, and emergency officials say they believe the man had been dead for at least two days before arrival.

"This is never seen," said Pierre Fortin, president of the Customs and Immigration Union, according to Le Journal de Montreal.

Police said they were still unsure if charges will be laid. An autopsy is set to take place.


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