Canadian man searches for owner of car he accidentally stole 21 years ago

An image of Kevin Freedman.
Kevin Freedman. Photo credit: Twitter/MBKev

A Canadian man has taken to social media on a quest to find the owner of a car he accidentally stole to go on a slushie run 21 years ago.

Kevin Freedman, 38, from Winnipeg, wanted to get the story off his chest and ease the mind of the car's owner who he thinks may have been left extremely confused about what happened to their car that day.

Posting on his Facebook page, Freedman says the episode took place in the summer of 1998 when he borrowed a co-worker's car to run some errands and pick up some slushies.

The car in question, a Ford Taurus, happened to be extremely popular at the time and Freedman accidentally picked out the wrong version in the parking lot.

"It had leopard print interior and flashy big sunglasses, which fit with my co-worker's personality. I put the key in the ignition and, while it didn't work the first time, I turned it, it did the second time.

"So I had no idea that it wasn't actually my co-worker's car."

After completing his errands and returning with the slushies a few hours later, he returned the car to its spot in the parking lot, locked it up and didn't think much more about it.

However, it turns out that in the time Freedman had borrowed the car, a woman reported it stolen to police and on returning to the parking lot the next day with officers in tow, she found the car in the exact same spot she had left it, apparently untouched.

"I'm not sure if the police believed her or thought she was off her rocker, but it's hard to imagine otherwise. She may have even thought she had lost her mind."

Freedman quickly realised what had happened but decided not to contact police or the owner at the time.

"I had considered turning myself into the police but was talked out of it, reasonably, as no harm, no foul. She had her car back and my reporting myself would only create more hassle for me, her, and the police.

"But all these years I bet she still wonders, and maybe tells her side of the story, as I frequently tell mine. And hopefully I can give her some peace of mind that she was right all along."