Cyclist caught on camera punching side-mirror off car in road rage incident

Australian police are hunting for a Brisbane cyclist who attacked a motorist's vehicle in a moment of road-rage.

Video shows the cyclist chasing down the vehicle and forcing the driver to pull over. He can then be seen angrily gesticulating before breaking the passenger side-mirror off. After this he rides away in a rage.

"At 8:20am a woman in a black Nissan Juke was approached by a male cyclist in the drive-through lane of a coffee shop," Queensland Police posted to Facebook on Saturday.

"The man had a conversation with the driver before punching her passenger side mirror, causing it to break off the vehicle. The man then rode off with another cyclist."

The video of the incident has caused controversy online, with people taking both the cyclist and the motorist's sides.

"Let's put the pitch forks down for a minute. No one in their right mind would just randomly punch someone's mirror off for no reason. There must be a lead up event," one person commented.

"Make these freeloading oxygen thieves pay rego so they can be identified and have a legitimate right to use roads like every single vehicle owner does," another person said.

The attacker is described as a middle-aged white man wearing lycra. Police are appealing for the man or anyone with further information to contact police.


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