Disaster as US college student falls to death in cliff selfie attempt

A US woman has died after reportedly falling 30 metres attempting to take a selfie

Andrea Norton, 20, was among a group of university students in Arkansas' Ozark National Forest on Sunday morning (local time) when the incident occurred, Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler told CNN.

Witnesses say she repositioned herself for a photo, then fell, KYTV reports. Wheeler said Norton lost her footing before she fell about 30 metres.

Selfie deaths have become increasingly more common as selfie technology has become more commonplace.

A recent report found 259 people died between 2011 and 2017 while stepping in front of the camera in often dangerous destinations, according to Outside magazine.

In January, Gigi Wu, an experienced hiker from Taiwan fell between 18-30 metres while attempting a series of peaks in Taiwan's Yushan National Park, Outside says.

Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray also died in October after crawling out onto the wing of a plane while filming a music video.

In February 2017, four New Zealand women drowned after taking selfies on a rock in a river and ignoring a warning siren signalling a dam was about to be opened.