Enormous snake slithering down Detroit garage roof spooks neighbours

An enormous snake slithering down a garage roof in the United States has spooked neighbours and left them wondering how it got there.

The 5.5m eight-year-old reticulated python was captured on video making its way down a Detroit home as neighbours looked on, exclaiming about its size.

"Oh my god it's moving and it's huge," Latonda Harvey said in a clip circulating on social media.

But it turns out the creature was a pet called Juliet and had made its way out of the cage and onto the roof as it was scared of nearby dogs.

"[I] didn't put the lock on probably. I was able to get here, get her back to her cage quick," owner Devin Jones-White told local media.

"She's never harmed anyone, I got her from an older couple. She doesn't really know anything about the wild."

He fell to the ground while trying to get the snake down, putting on a show for locals who had gathered around.

Jones-White is hoping to start a small zoo in the city.