Famous art from burnt Notre Dame cathedral moved to Louvre Museum

The artworks evacuated from Notre-Dame Cathedral during the blaze will be transferred to the Louvre Museum, the French Culture Minister Franck Riester says.

Staff from the fire department, the culture ministry and the city town hall rushed to the Cathedral when the fire started to protect the main artworks that were inside, the minister had said earlier.

The artworks, which include relics such as the Christ's crown of thorns and French king Saint-Louis's 13th century tunic, were first moved to the city town hall and will now be transferred to the nearby Louvre Museum, the minister said.

The fire has since been put out and investigators are now looking into what started the blaze.

Renovations in the attic of the iconic landmark are suspected to be linked to the flames, which destroyed major parts of the roof and a spire.

Reuters / Newshub.