FUCT trademark battle: Supreme Court justices refuse to name clothing brand

  • 16/04/2019

US Supreme Court justices went to extreme lengths to avoid saying the name of clothing brand that sounds like a swear word.

FUCT is currently embroiled in a fierce court battle over its attempts to trademark the brand name.

It's facing push-back because under federal law, officials are discouraged from registering trademarks that might be deemed "scandalous" or "immoral".

A high court on Monday (local time) was discussing the case, looking into whether it was correct for the brand's name to be refused.

But no one in the court wanted to say FUCT, due to its deliberate similarity to the F-word - and they went to hilarious effort to make sure it wasn't said out loud.

Chief Justice John Roberts opted to avoid saying FUCT by describing it as the "vulgar word at the heart of the case", while  Justice Samuel Alito called it "the word your client wants to use".

Meanwhile lawyer Malcolm Stewart comically referred to it as "the equivalent of the profane past participle form of a well-known word of profanity and perhaps the paradigmatic word of profanity in our language," according to CBS News.

The clunky descriptions of the brand name prompted laughter in the court room.

Lawyer John Sommer reportedly came closest to saying the brand's name, using the phrase "the F-word" and arguing the brand name wasn't a dirty word.


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