Gender reveal burnout smokes out Sydney street

  • 06/04/2019

Four people have been charged after a gender reveal burnout took over a quiet cul-de-sac on the western outskirts of Sydney last month.

Vision uploaded to Facebook shows a Ford XR6 Turbo engulfing the Silverdale street with blue smoke, symbolising that the baby is a boy.

A crowd of children and adults can be seen watching on, with many encouraging the driver - including one man who is standing dangerously close to the car in a bid to get the perfect shot.

"He was invisible [with] the amount of smoke that was generated from the screeching of the tyres," Chief Inspector Stephen Blair told 7 News.

Neighbours were reportedly given a heads up about the planned burnout, however it wasn't until the footage emerged online that police officers from launched the investigation.

They said a 25-year-old male, who admitted to performing the stunt, had his licence suspended for six months and car impounded for three months.

The male has been charged with two aggravated burnout offences and is due to appear at Penrith Local Court in May.

Two more men and a woman - the unborn baby's grandmother - have also been charged.

It's not the first new-age gender reveal stunt to backfire. In South Australia in December a gender reveal burnout ended with the car catching fire after pouring out pink smoke to reveal the baby's identity as a girl.

In April 2017 a makeshift gun target with the words "boy" and "girl" resulted in a 47,000 acre wildfire causing $11 million in damages in Arizona's Coronodao National Forest.

Wild footage of the blaze began circulating online, with the man responsible, Dennis Dickey describing it as "probably one of the worst days of my life". Roughly 800 firefighters were required to contain the blaze that saw 200 people evacuated from their homes.

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