'Hysterical with grief': British man talks of pain of discovering his siblings died in Sri Lanka blast

Three children
A photo of Daniel, as well as David and Amelie together. Photo credit: Facebook

A British man has shared the horrific moment he discovered two of his siblings were killed in the bombing in Sri Lanka.

David Linsey's younger siblings Daniel Linsey, 19, and Amelie Linsey, 15, were killed when two blasts went off at the hotel they were staying at as the pair ate breakfast.

David told the Daily Mail he found out when he was woken from sleep by his family's hysterical reaction to the news on Easter Sunday.

"I was woken by screaming - chaos. My bedroom is in the basement. I went upstairs. My little brother Ethan and my mother were hysterical with grief," he said.  

"My brother told me what had happened. My mother couldn't speak. He said they were gone."

David's father was also at the hotel, but he survived, leaving Sri Lanka with injuries from the shrapnel flying towards him in the blast.

"He told us exactly what had happened and kept saying how sorry he was. It wasn't his fault but he felt he could have done things differently. They were only going for breakfast,' David told the Daily Mail.

David's mother Angelina Linsey skipped the trip to Sri Lanka to look after her youngest son Ethan, who wanted to spend Easter in London. 

She is still having trouble coming to terms with the news, barely able to speak to anyone other than her family.

"My children are my best friends. We do everything together," she told the Daily Mail.




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