Investigation launched after Snapchat video shows British troops shooting Jeremy Corbyn poster

The British Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into a Snapchat video showing soldiers shooting a poster of Jeremy Corbyn.

The footage shows four members of the parachute regiment firing simulation weapons at a target range believed to be in Kabul, Afghanistan. The camera pans from the soldiers across to their target - a large image of the leader of the Labour Party.

The video was captioned 'happy with that'.

In a filmed statement posted to Twitter, 6th Air Assault Brigade Commander Brigadier Nick Perry said the soldiers had made a "serious error of judgment" and engaged in "inappropriate behaviour".

"It would be helpful to remind ourselves, as soldiers, of the importance of always remaining non-political," he said.

He said the Ministry of Defence had launched a probe into the video.

Corbyn said he was "shocked" by the footage and hopes an inquiry will bring the culprits to justice.

"Yes, people have disagreements and yes, people have divisions," he told media. "Conduct those divisions and disagreements in a respectful way. Don't descend into something ugly and violent."

Prime Minister Theresa May called the video "clearly unacceptable", reports the BBC.

Threats against British politicians, particularly those on the left, seem to have increased in recent times. Labour MP Rosie Cooper was the target of a neo-Nazi murder plot, while Corbyn himself was hit with an egg while visiting a London mosque in March.

Political divisions have widened and social tension increased across the UK as the Government continues its attempts to negotiate leaving the European Union. On Wednesday (local time) Corbyn met with the Prime Minister in an attempt to break the "Brexit deadlock".


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