Jeff Bezos settles divorce with record breaking $52 billion to his ex-wife

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made history with a record breaking divorce settlement.

Bezos' soon-to-be-ex-wife MacKenzie will receive NZD$52 billion. She will also receive four percent of Amazon when the divorce is finalised over the next few months.

However, MacKenzie will give up all her interests in The Washington Post, a company her soon-to-be-ex-husband bought in 2013.

She announced on Twitter she was "grateful" to have finished dissolving her marriage, and is happy to give up her shares and stock.

She will also give up her share in Blue Origin, the space exploration company he founded.

The pair seems happy with the outcome, as Bezos also posted to Twitter about his gratefulness towards MacKenzie, calling her "resourceful, brilliant and loving".