Major search in UK's River Hull for body ends with discovery of BFG dummy

A search for a body in the United Kingdom ended in the discovery of a large soft toy.

Teams from the Hull Coastguard and the Humberside Police scoured the River Hull after a report of a person in the river.

An informant gave authorities a good picture of the suspected casualty and a full scale search was initiated.

Land search teams were deployed along with a coastguard helicopter and boats. Nothing was found until it was searched again with the tide coming back in.

"As a result, Humber Rescue located an object matching the casualty's description. On recovery it turned out to be a dummy," the Hull Coastguard Rescue Team said in a post on Facebook.

Pictures of the dummy taken after it was pulled from the water show it didn't fare well in the river, having lost an eye and turned brown in parts.

It appears to be over a metre tall, and in the shape of the character the Big Friendly Giant from the Roald Dahl book The BFG.

A tall ruined dummy sitting on a chair.
The dummy. Photo credit: Facebook/Hull Coastguard Rescue Team

The Hull Coastguard Rescue Team said it was thankful to the member of the public that called in with information about the supposed body, even though it turned out to be a false alarm.

It said all teams were stood down to their respective stations.

A spokesperson for the Hull Coastguard Rescue Team told Newshub it would be keeping the dummy.