Mexican spends days digging hole to spy on his ex, gets stuck in it

Man digs a hole in the ground for planting trees
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A man had to be rescued after he trapped himself in a hole he had dug to spy on his ex-girlfriend.

The 50-year-old Mexican man allegedly spent days digging his spy hole in Puerto Penasco, a town bordering the Gulf of California. 

His spy hole tunnel led underneath his ex-girlfriend's home, reports El Universal. He had previously been ordered to stay away from the woman due to domestic violence charges.

She had been hearing scratching noises coming from under her home for a week, reports El Universal. The woman informed police of the sound, but assumed it was cats. 

Last Thursday, after the scratching grew louder, the woman investigated and discovered her ex-boyfriend of 14 years lurking beneath her home.

Police were called to assist with removing the man from his hole. He appeared intoxicated and severely dehydrated after his rescue.

He has been arrested as a precautionary measure for violating a restraining order.



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