Mother pulls children from vehicle just moments before raging fire

This is the horrifying moment a young Australian mother pulled her children out of her car just moments before it exploded into flames.

The terrifying incident was captured on camera, showing just how close she and her family came to death.

Canberra woman Catherine Anne had been having problems with her car battery, so she bought a back-up battery pack to jump-start her car.

But as she was driving on Friday with her four-year-old and five-month-old in the vehicle, the pack suddenly opened and began making ominous noses.

"I quickly got Tommy out and as I was getting him out it exploded and let out a crazy amount of smoke and started to catch fire," she wrote on Facebook.

She then raced to get her other child out as the car filled with smoke. Just seconds later the car burst into flames which engulfed the whole vehicle.

"This was the ultimate wake-up call that life is short and can be over in a matter of minutes, that lives are so much more important than possessions," she wrote on Facebook.

"I am so lucky that it happened while I wasn't driving, and that I went into auto mode and got my boys out of the car and away from danger."