Mother's horrific Google searches before killing family

A cross on the ground in front of a car.
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A US woman googled questions about death shortly before her car plunged off a cliff with her entire family in it, court investigators have revealed.

Sarah Hart and her wife Jennifer died along with their six adopted children after their SUV careened off a northern California cliff in March 2018, the Associated Press reports.

The deaths have been ruled a murder-suicide. The children and one of the adults were found to have high amounts of a cough syrup known to cause drowsiness in their systems.

The driver of the car was found to have been intoxicated with alcohol.

Investigators told the court Hart googled whether certain amounts of the cough syrup would be deadly, how painful would certain deaths be and how long it would take to die.

The searches began as the family drove away from their home and were later deleted, but forensic investigators found them.

It's believed the tragedy was brought on by an investigation into reports the Harts were neglecting their children.

"They both decided that this was going to be the end," California Highway Patrol investigator Jake Slates told the court.

"That if they can't have their kids that nobody was going to have those kids."

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