Muslim anti-stereotype campaigner wrongly accused of being terrorist

A US anti-stereotype campaigner is outraged after being wrongfully accused of being an Islamic terrorist.

A photo of Muslim activist Amara Majeed was released by Sri Lankan authorities in the wake of the Easter Sunday attacks, identifying her as a suspect.

In reality, she is the founder of The Hijab Project and author of the book The Foreigners, which ironically she wrote to combat stereotypes about Islam.

"I have this morning been FALSELY identified by the Sri Lankan government as one of the ISIS Easter attackers in Sri Lanka. What a thing to wake up to!" she tweeted.

"This is obviously completely false and frankly, considering that our communities are already greatly afflicted with issues of surveillance, I don't need more false accusations and scrutiny."

Sri Lankan police confirmed the error, saying "the individual pictured is not wanted for questioning". The real suspect's name is Abdul Cader Fathima.

Investigations into the terrorist attack continue by authorities. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena says police are looking for 140 people believed to have links with the Islamic State group, which has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings that killed 253 people.