Naked climate change protesters flash British MPs

British MPs trying to debate Brexit were distracted by a group of scantily clad climate change protesters flashing them from the public gallery.

On Monday politicians in the House of Commons were discussing the UK's impending exit from the European Union. As Labour MP Peter Kyle gave his speech, people behind the gallery glass began stripping off.

They removed most of their clothing to reveal slogans painted on their bare chests and backs including 'For all life' and 'Climate justice now'.

Some pressed their buttocks against the glass while others glued their hands to it.

Politicians were amused by the eye-catching protest, with video showing MPs looking up in alarm and giggling. Several speakers added tongue-in-cheek references to nudity, one Tory congratulating Kyle for "fleshing out his argument" while Kyle mentioned a "cheeky intervention" and "the naked truth".

After about 25 minutes police arrived and cleared the public gallery, with officers physically carrying out some of the protesters. Twelve people were arrested for "outraging public decency".

The activists were from Extinction Rebellion, a new global group dedicated to drawing public and political attention to the pressing issue of climate change. It formed after the October release of the "earth-shattering" IPCC report that warned global warming must stay below 1.5degC to avoid catastrophic environmental damage.

Extinction Rebellion has a presence in New Zealand, holding a demonstration at a BP office in Auckland in March.


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