National Rifle Association shows how women can hide guns in catwalk show

The world's largest gun lobby has held a catwalk show to depict how women can hide guns.

The United States' National Rifle Association (NRA) fashion show was held at its yearly meeting in Indianapolis. It had been held at every annual meeting since 2017, the Daily Mail reports.

One handbag modelled at the event, created by designer HidingHilda, has a slot where women can hide their guns.

According to its website, HidingHilda was created out of "the want of style and the need for protection".

The website says "protective orders are a piece of paper, and the police can't be there to protect you all the time".

"If you make the decision to carry, then awesome!"

The NRA is a massively influential lobby group, aimed at stopping the United States from introducing any restrictions on guns.

For decades it has single-handedly opposed almost all gun reform in the US, despite mass shootings happening on a regular basis.

Even after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, where 28 people died, including 20 six and seven year olds, it doubled down, rejecting gun control.

One in five women owned a gun in the US in 2017, the Daily Mail reports.

US President Donald Trump spoke at the NRA convention before the fashion show, where he promised to support gun rights.