People sell 'embers' of Notre Dame fire on eBay

EBay has cracked down on users trying to sell what they claimed were embers from the Notre Dame fire.

Less than 24 hours after a blaze engulfed large parts of the centuries-old Paris cathedral, a seller posted a listing titled 'embers from the Notre Dame fire grab a section of timber from the fire of notr [sic]'. It had a starting bid of 99p (NZ$1.92) and an accompanying image of a generic fireplace log.

A listing for 'embers from the Notre Dame fire'.
A listing for 'embers from the Notre Dame fire'. Photo credit: eBay

While many historical relics like religious statues and the famous Crown of Thorns were saved from the fire, it's unlikely any members of the public were able to get their hands on any burnt timber.

A few hours later eBay removed the listing after being alerted to it by media.

Also removed were at least 14 different listings offering 'Remember Fire Tops': T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan 'Je suis Notre Dame' and pictures of the cathedral.

Commemorative 'Remember Fire Tops' were also removed.
Commemorative 'Remember Fire Tops' were also removed. Photo credit: eBay

Both the 'embers' and the shirts were in breach of official eBay policy and subsequently removed.

"eBay does not tolerate the sale of any item that seeks to profit from human suffering or tragedy," a spokesperson told the Evening Standard.

They said eBay is closely monitoring the site for similar listings.

Sellers who post items that violate website policy are given a warning, and repeat offenders may have their accounts suspended.

After battling throughout the night, French firefighters finally put out the blaze on Tuesday morning (local time). While there were fears the entire cathedral would be ruined, most of the structure has remained intact - although the 800-year-old spire wasn't so lucky, with video showing it crumbling to the ground.

President Emmanuel Macron has promised Notre Dame will be rebuilt and the Paris prosecutor's office has launched an inquiry into what caused the fire.


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