'Simply stunning': Anti-poacher's 'gorilla selfies' gain worldwide attention

Ranger taking selfie with gorillas.
This selfie with gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone viral. Photo credit: The Elite AntiPoaching Units and Combat Trackers/Facebook

A selfie an anti-poacher has posted with gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone viral online.

The photo was posted to The Elite AntiPoaching Units and Combat Trackers Facebook page on Thursday, and has been shared 19,000 times.

"ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE," the photo caption says, showing ranger Mathieu Shamavu pictured with two cheeky primates.

The picture was taken in Virunga National Park. Its website says it's internationally recognised for its wildlife and habitats.

"Virunga is protected by a dedicated team of over 600 rangers.

"These local men and women go through intensive training, risking their lives on a daily basis to safeguard to park's exceptional wildlife, including the last of the world's critically endangered mountain gorillas."

One Facebook commenter said: "Simply stunning photo. Thank you for sharing and proving we can all live peacefully together".

Another said: "Beautiful heartfelt photograph. Thank you for sharing".

Others thanked the rangers for their work and keeping the gorillas safe.

"Thank you for sharing this incredible picture - thank you for your efforts and dedication," Jolene Hutton Wiley commented.


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