Thai cave rescue hero lost underwater in Tennessee cave

A member of the team that rescued a Thai soccer team from the cave they spent weeks trapped inside has gone missing.

Josh Bratchley was reported missing from the Mill Pond Cave in Tennessee on Wednesday morning (local time), ABC reports.

His fellow divers surfaced on Tuesday evening but could not find Bratchley. Specialty divers have now been flown in to assist rescue efforts.

Rescuers hope the diver found a known air pocket in the cave that contains enough oxygen to last at least a day. The route to reach the air pocket takes 30-45 minutes.

In June of 2018, 12 young football players from a small Thai village and their coach ventured into a local cave, unaware that a monsoonal downpour would soon flood their route out and trap them inside.

People from across the world worked for days to plan a rescue, and the boys were taken out the cave by expert divers, who ferried out groups over a number of days.

The last boys were removed from the cave on July 11, 2018.