Two children killed after dust devil throws bouncy castle into the air in China

Two children are dead after high winds sent a bouncy castle flying into the air in China.

The bouncy castle was installed at a temporary amusement park in China's Henan Province when the accident took place, The Beijing Times reports.

Police are now calling for an investigation into such parks. Video from the incident shows the bouncy castle thrown into the air and careening down the park's midway.

Nineteen other fair attendees were injured in the accident, 17 of whom were children.  One of the children is in a serious condition.

A freak weather phenomenon known as a dust devil caused the tragedy. Dust devils are long-lived whirlwinds that range in size from half a metre wide, to 10 metres wide.

They form during fair weather and rarely come close to the intensity of a tornado.  A dust devil does not usually pose a danger to humans, unless it reaches a size large enough to uplift people or property.


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