US girl dies after suffering an allergic reaction to toothpaste

Picture of Denise Saldate.
Californian girl Denise Saldate, 11, died following an allergic reaction to toothpaste. Photo credit: Supplied/GoFundMe

 A Californian family has been left devastated after their daughter died following an allergic reaction to toothpaste.

The parents of Denise Saldate, from West Covina in California, told Yahoo Lifestyle the toothpaste was supposed to strengthen their daughter's enamel, as she had white spots on her teeth.

The toothpaste, however, contained recaldent - a milk-derived protein, and the family did not see the warnings printed on both sides of the tube, Yahoo reports.

Denise was diagnosed with a milk allergy when she was younger after having trouble consuming breast milk, dairy and soy.

She ran from the bathroom crying on April 4 after brushing her teeth. Altamirano told Yahoo Lifestyle her daughter said she couldn't breathe, and her lips turned blue. She died that night.

"I cried each time I left Denise in someone else's care because some people don't take allergies seriously," mother Monique Latamirano told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"We can't bring Denise back but we can help others in her name."

To cover Denise's funeral services, a GoFundMe page was created by her uncle, Moises Saldate, and has raised more than US$17,000.

"She could light up a room and make you smile even when you're down," the page says.

"As her uncle, I'm helping my brother and her family raise money to help cover the cost of funeral services."


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