US man arrested for using pet iguana as a weapon at restaurant

Arnold Teeter.
Arnold Teeter in the Perkins Restaurant. Photo credit: Supplied.

A man has been arrested after swinging an iguana around above his head and launching it at a restaurant manager.

Arnold Teeter, 49, entered a Perkins Restaurant in Painesville, Ohio and immediately caused concern by lying down in a booth.

When a waitress approached him he threw a menu at her and became increasingly noisy. At that point the restaurant's manager intervened but was left in shock after Teeter pulled an iguana out from under his sweatshirt.

Painesville Police said in a statement that Teeter then began swinging the iguana over his head in a circular manner before letting it go towards the manager.

While the animal missed its intended target, it then landed on the tile floor of the restaurant, "sliding across the floor at some length".

After picking up the iguana by the tail and walking out of the restaurant, Teeter was eventually arrested while wandering through traffic nearby. He's been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and cruelty to animals.

An iguana.
The iguana was rescued by police. Photo credit: Facebook/Painesville Police Department

The iguana will now require surgery after suffering a broken leg in the incident, while vets also discovered it had part of its tail missing, a metabolic bone disease and poor body condition.