US mother, daughter arrested with 125kg of cannabis in vehicle next to baby

A mother and daughter have been arrested in the US after officials found 125kg of cannabis in the back of their vehicle, next to a baby.

Border Patrol officers were called on April 12 (local time) after reports of a white Ford Escape being loaded with suspicious bundles at a Texas golf course near the US-Mexico border. The DEA alleges the course is a "is a well-known smuggling corridor for illegal narcotics".

Shortly afterwards, an agent spotted the vehicle and pulled it over. Inside the SUV he saw "multiple bundles of suspected narcotics", according to the federal criminal complaint.

The baby next to the bundles.
The baby next to the bundles. Photo credit: US Border Patrol

Agents report the Escape had a 'Baby on Board' sign hanging on the rear window, and next to the bundles was a baby boy in a car seat.

Photos of the bust show five large packages wrapped in plastic and rope. Authorities allege they contain around 125kg of cannabis.

The bundles in the back of the vehicle.
The bundles in the back of the vehicle. Photo credit: US Border Patrol

Carla Michelle Resendiz, 47, and her daughter Ashley Renee Resendiz, 22, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy to possess marijuana.

Carla has been released on bail, but her daughter Ashley remains in custody.

It's unclear whom the parents of the baby are, but he has been released into the custody of a relative, authorities say.


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