US President Donald Trump falsely states his father is from Germany for the fourth time

Donald Trump embraces the US flag.
Donald Trump embraces the US flag. Photo credit: Reuters

US President Donald Trump has falsely claimed his father was born in Germany for the fourth time in under a year.

Trump was discussing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Tuesday, with NATO Secretary Jens Stolenberg.

He said Germany was not paying its fair share towards the alliance, reports USA Today.

He also said he had great respect for Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Then it got weird.

"My father is German, right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany."

The President's father, Fred Trump was definitely not born in Germany.

Although Fred Trump's father was a German immigrant, Fred Trump was born in The Bronx, New York in 1905.

In July 2018, President Trump told Fox Business Network both his parents were born in the European Union. He was half right in this instance, his mother was born in Scotland. 

The same month, he doubled down and told CBS News both his parents were European.

"Don't forget both my parents were born in EU sectors okay?" he said.

"My mother was Scotland and my father was Germany. And you know I love those countries."

For the third time in July, Trump again said his father was German at a press conference in Brussels.

"My father is from Germany. Both my parents are from the EU despite the fact they don't treat us well on trade."

The Washington Post reports Donald Trump has said something untrue in public 22 times a day for the last 200 days.

The full count of falsehoods uttered in public over his Presidency sits at 9451.



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