US Taco Bell manager chokes pregnant employee for taking too many breaks

A US fast food manager has been sentenced to anger management and community service after she was caught on camera choking a pregnant worker.

Linda Joyce Wilkerson worked as a supervisor at a Taco Bell outlet in Portland, Oregon. One of her employees was four months pregnant and needed to take frequent breaks.

The woman told the court her manager had been rude to her about taking breaks. On June 3 2018 she asked to speak to Wilkerson about the matter and was told to meet her in the restaurant's back office.

There, an ugly confrontation took place. CCTV footage shows the two women yelling at each other before Wilkerson slams the office door in the victim's face. When the pregnant woman shouts something, Wilkerson storms back into the office and puts her hands around the victim's throat.

The two struggle for a few seconds before Wilkerson releases the woman and another employee can be seen walking over to investigate.

Portland police were called to the scene and the case went to court.

On Friday (local time) Wilkerson pleaded guilty to charges of fourth-degree assault and strangulation, Fox 12 reports.

The victim told the court the violent incident was a "big deal" to her.

"I was pregnant with my now-healthy son," she said. "That was my job. I was supposed to feel safe there. I wasn't sure if she was going to let go of my throat."

Wilkerson was sentenced to three years' probation and 100 hours' community service. She has been ordered to take anger management classes and to pay the victim US$290 (NZ$427), and must not have any contact with her.


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