US Uber driver takes customer to the airport, returns to their home to rob them

A Californian Uber driver tried to break into customer's home after an airport drop off.
A Californian Uber driver tried to break into customer's home after an airport drop off. Photo credit: WFTV Channel 9

A Californian Uber driver has been arrested after allegedly trying to break into a customer's home.

Jackie Gordon Wilson, 38, dropped off his clients at San Francisco International Airport before allegedly returning to their house to burgle it.

Wilson's actions were caught by Ring surveillance footage, which shows him putting on gloves and lurking around outside the San Mateo home.

The Ring surveillance system sensed his movement and triggered an alarm.

This scared Wilson off, but only to just down the street where he gained access to another home.

According to the San Mateo Police Department, the Uber driver left the second house "completely ransacked, and multiple items were found to be stolen."

The stolen items included the homeowner's grandmother heirlooms that date as far back as the Holocaust.

The homeowner of the second house also had a Ring surveillance system installed, and shared the footage to the company's community platform in order to identify the burglar.

This led to the identification of Wilson, who was still wearing the same clothes as in the surveillance video when police located him the following day.

The San Mateo Police Department says the arrest proves the benefit of home security systems.

"Law enforcement is solving more crimes thanks to surveillance cameras and licence plate reader systems," they said in a statement.

Uber has said they have removed all access of the app from Wilson, and is assisting with the investigation.





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