Watch: A drug addict steals a woman's car at gunpoint

The horrifying moment a Melbourne woman was wrenched from her car at gunpoint, captured by CCTV, has been shown in court.

The video, from November 2017, shows Patrick McMillan sprinting towards a red Jaguar, holding a hand gun.

He had led police on a car chase through Melbourne, before approaching the vehicle.

McMillian, allegedly high on methamphetamine, rips open the door of the car and fights with the woman inside.

The woman can be seen tossing her keys on to the road and trying to fight back, but she is overpowered.

The man grabs her keys, then rips the woman from her car by the hair and hurls her into the road.

Witnesses attempt to stop him, but he guns the engine, reverses into another car then takes off at high speed in the opposite direction.

He hit speeds of over 200 kilometres, reports 9 News.

He proceeded to drive along footpaths and along tram lines.

He appeared in the Victoria County Court last Tuesday, reports 9 News.

He has pled guilty to 17 charges including armed robbery, assault, assaulting a police officer and carjacking.

McMillan had a history of ice addiction, reports Moonee Valley Leader.

The crimes caught on camera were part of a string of offences in 2017, for which he is still awaiting sentencing.



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