Why Texas cops are posing with flowers

Police across the US state of Texas are posing with flowers as part of a viral challenge that's quickly spreading across social media.

The Blue Bonnet is Texas' state flower and this year, after heavy rainfall last autumn, it is blooming particularly well, according to CBS Dallas/Fort Worth.

The beautiful flowers have inspired Texas police officers, and even their working dogs, to pose amongst them to reveal the light-hearted side of their community. 

A police dog.
A Texas police dog. Photo credit: Facebook/Grapevine PD

Officers are seen meditating, eating donuts, operating a speed camera and posing in humorous ways with each other.

The photos have prompted a positive response online, with one user saying: "Thank you for showing us all the good-hearted humorous side of law enforcement - bring on some more photos!"

"Absolutely love this! It shows the side people don't see. Police lives matter and they are human too," another said.


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