'Winging it': Curious seagull pops up in London traffic camera

A curious seagull has stolen the show on one of London's traffic cameras.

Images from the Transport for London traffic news Twitter account show at least one seagull has appeared in the Brunswick Rd camera since Monday.

It's hard to tell if the bird featured in all three posts by the Transport for London account is the same seagull.

Posting about the bird, or birds, began on Monday when the account posted a photo from the Brunswick Rd camera with a gull staring directly at the lens.

"Happy Monday," the image was captioned.

Twitter users were delighted by the bird and it made another appearance on Tuesday (local time), this time with one beady eye fixed on the camera.

"Guess who's back?!" the tweet said.

The most recent seagull cam post showed a video of the gull inspecting the camera as traffic queued behind it.

"Due to popular demand, a quick update from our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel," the post says.

Twitter users bombarded the post with bird puns.

"I seagull what you did there," one person said.

"That bird didn't really seem to know what it was doing. It seemed to be winging it," another wrote.

It seems Transport for London's bird fancying days will continue, with an evening shift member joking about it.

"Good evening all!  Darren here again with the overnight tweets until 7am. I'm going to run with the apparent theme for the last couple of days," the post says, accompanied with an animation of a seagull pecking a microphone.


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