30-person brawl at Perth shopping centre leaves police, security injured

A mass fist fight that broke out in a shopping centre has left two police officers and a security guard injured after they tried to step in and break it up.

Police are working to identify the youths involved in the ruckus which broke out inside a Perth mall on Tuesday afternoon, reports 7 News.

Over 30 people were causing chaos during the fight, which witnesses described as "terrifying".

Police say the fight began as an "organised" brawl between a group of teenagers, but quickly grew out of hand as others began to join in.

A 52-year-old man was left with a black eye after being punched in the face while trying to assist a security guard, reports 7 News.

One police officer received bruising to his cheek, and the other bruised ribs.

"As a parent and a police officer, it's very distressing," said Western Australia Police acting assistant commissioner Craig Donaldson on Wednesday.

"Our concerns focus on the injuries of those involved and the safety of all the bystanders," he said.

Police have confirmed they will maintain a presence at the shopping centre over the coming days.



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