Ark owners sue over rain damage

A modern-day ark replica.
The modern-day ark replica. Photo credit: Getty

The owners of a replica ark are suing their insurance company.

The reason? The ark's support structures got damaged in heavy rain, and the insurers won't pay out, local news station KLWT5 reported.

The wooden ship, owned by Kentucky company Ark Encounter, is a replica of the one Noah supposedly built in the Bible, allowing his family and a whole lot of animals escape God's wrath.

According to the Christian holy book it rained for 40 days and nights, wiping out all of humanity - except for Noah's family.

Noah's boat survived the epic deluge, but according to a lawsuit filed by Ark Encounters, their 155m copy might not unless they get a US$1 million payout.

"Subsequent to heavy rains, a significant landslide occurred along portions of the slope, which eliminated the structural support for the roadway, caused significant damage to the road surface itself and the incorporated improvements, and rendered portions of the road unsafe and unfit for use," the lawsuit reads.

The insurer said it wouldn't pay out, blaming faulty craftsmanship, KLWT5 reported.

According to the Bible, Noah was almost 600 years old when he constructed his hardy vessel. The Ark Encounter replica was build in 2016.