Australian columnist Jane Caro apologises for drunken tweet about New Zealand

Australian columnist Jane Caro has apologised after drunkenly tweeting she wished she was a New Zealander.

Caro made the comments after Scott Morrison's shocking election win. He had been slated to lose to Bill Shorten's Labor Party.

"Australia. If the [Liberal-National Party] wins we have decided to be a backward-looking country in a backwater. I wish I was a New Zealander," she said.

"Well, Australia may be f**ked and the whole planet not far behind but I am at the best, most brilliant and cool wedding I have ever been to.

"So I shall just dance and get pissed and stick two rude fingers up at all the truculent turds who voted to turn backwards."

The Liberal-National Party did end up winning the election and Caro has now told radio stations she was drunk when she tweeted.

"I regret using those terms now, but at the time I just felt terrible," she told 3AW. "I was shattered, gutted, shocked."

Caro revealed in a post-election column for the Sydney Morning Herald she faced a barrage of abuse for the tweets. Despite it all she wished Prime Minister Scott Morrison well.

"I wish our Prime Minister well, even though I disagree with him on most things, but I also ask him and all our future leaders to lead by demonstrating how we can still disagree vigorously, but with civility and generosity of spirit.

"I am going to try to take my own advice, by the way. The future of our country demands it."