Australian federal election: Signs of change of Government as country hits polls

Australia could get its sixth Prime Minister in six years on Saturday night.

The country has hit the polls and signs point to a change of Government.

One of the most closely watched seats at the federal election is Warringah, which might not only decide the election but could also spell the end for former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Abbott has sold the seat since 1994, but is at risk of losing it to independent Zali Steggall. That signals the trouble the current Government is in.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was at another key battleground on Saturday morning - the seat of Bass in Tasmania.

The Government will likely need to win that seat to hold on to power.

Labor leader Bill Shorten cast his vote in Victoria, and if all goes to plan for him, he could be Prime Minister by the end of the night.

The final pre-poll was released on Saturday morning, showing Labor ahead by three points - what could be a potentially election winning lead.

There has also been speculation that the death of former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, the party's longest serving Prime Minister and an Australian hero, might have sealed the election for Labor.

Instead of talking about policy, the last day has been focused on Hawke and his achievements for Labor and Australia.


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