Australian mum and daughter severely burned by birthday explosion

Kate Collins and her daughter Eva
Kate Collins and her daughter Eva Photo credit: Facebook/ Nature Bubz

A mother and daughter came close to death at a birthday party, when a decorative burner exploded and covered them with flames last month.

Kate Collins and her five-year-old daughter Eva were sitting opposite the burner, when the party host filled the device with liquid ethanol, reports Nine News.

The device burst into a gigantic fireball, which engulfed the mother and daughter.

The pair was rushed to hospital where Collins almost died when her blood turned septic.

Eva suffered burns over 20 percent of her body - including third degree burns on her left arm and torso, reports Nine News.

She required multiple surgeries. She remains in hospital, in a stable condition.

Her parents have warned others about the dangers of the burners, urging households using them to throw them out before disaster strikes.

"If we stop this happening to even one more family it will be worth it," Collins told Nine News.

Collins has had to temporarily close her teething toy business, Nature Bubz as she waits for her hands to heal - which could take three years.

The burner that caused such damage has been banned from sale across Australia since 2017.