Australian news channel literally boots MPs out of parliament

Julie Bishop's famous high heel.
Julie Bishop's famous high heel. Photo credit: 9News

Australian news channel 9 News has created a novel and dramatic way of illustrating which members of parliament will lose their seats in this weekend's federal election.

Retired MP Julie Bishop famously wore red, satin, bejewelled high-heels at a press conference in 2018 during which she announced her resignation as Australia's first female Foreign Minister.

This weekend Bishop appeared as a panellist on the 9 News elections coverage, and her famous heels were reanimated and shown kicking icons containing the faces of departing MPs.

One of the more pointed moments of the show saw Bishop count down as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was graphically booted from his seat.

She went on to tell the show that although it was a sad moment for Abbott, his time had come.

"He's a climate change denier personified and clearly out of step with his electorate.

"You have to be aligned to the thoughts and aspirations and hopes and dreams of your electorate in major issues, and two of them - same sex marriage and climate change  Tony was not on the same page."

The graphic brought to mind comparisons to an episode of The Simpsons named 'Bart vs Australia' where the prank-calling Bart was sentenced to be "booted" from the country by a man with a giant boot on his foot.


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