Australian parents victim of false GoFundMe page after baby daughter's death

Amiyah Windross died of an incurable illness last week.
Amiyah Windross died of an incurable illness last week. Photo credit: GoFundMe

An Australian couple mourning the death of their infant daughter are victims of a false GoFundMe page.

Jay and Dee Windross' daughter Amiyah died of an incurable illness last week. They later found the false page created in Amiyah's name, 9 News reports.

The pair had earlier had a phone containing the last remaining photos of their child stolen.

GoFundMe has since removed the fake page, 9 News reports.

"As if someone pretending to have your phone and trying to extort money from you when not even in possession of the phone isn't enough," Jay Windross said in a Facebook post.

"Someone is now trying to scam money from very generous people who plan on pledging their earnings in memory of Amiyah."

Jay said he could not believe the "nerve" of some people.

A legitimate GoFundMe page has now been set up by Western Australian woman Haylie Barrett, he wrote. It had raised more than $10,000 as of Wednesday afternoon.

"These guys could really do with some help to ease some financial stress," the page says.

It says Jay also had his car damaged and the couple only have one income.

"Every tiny little bit adds up," the page says. "Please help these guys if you can."