British backpacker opens up about outback kidnap ordeal

British backpacker Elisha Greer endured days of repeated rape, abuse, and fear after she was kidnapped by 24-year-old Marcus Martin and forced to drive through the Australian outback.

Greer revealed details about the 2017 ordeal on Sunday Night ahead of her kidnapper's sentencing on May 28. 

Greer, then 21, met Martin at a party in Cairns, north Queensland, on 26 January, 2017. The tourist said Martin "didn't seem like a psycho" at first, but he became "obsessive and clingy" within days, the Daily Mail reports.

Martin's sentencing is set for May 28.
Martin's sentencing is set for May 28. Photo credit: Sunday Night

Martin first raped Greer in February 2017 in a Cairns hotel room before kidnapping her. Her disappearance made global headlines.

On March 1 Greer was forced to drive Martin south while he held a gun to her head. The 'road trip' took place over a period of five days, the Daily Mail reports.

Greer drove the suspect for nearly 1500km. Martin repeatedly raped and abused her during this period.

Greer said she complied with Martin's demands out of fear he would kill her.

Elisha Greer spoke to Sunday Night about her 2017 ordeal.
Elisha Greer spoke to Sunday Night about her 2017 ordeal. Photo credit: Sunday Night

Greer was rescued on March 5 after a service station attendant, Beverley Page, alerted police. Greer stopped in the regional town of Mitchell to get petrol. Page said Greer was in a state of "zombie-like" shock and was unable to pay for the fuel.

Page said she took note of the vehicle's registration. "To see a young girl that upset... She said she had come from England… She didn't have anyone to contact," Page said. She called the police after Greer left without paying.

Police pulled over the Mitsubishi Pajero hours later, finding Greer distraught and beaten at the wheel. Her kidnapper was allegedly hiding in the back of the vehicle.

Martin was arrested and charged with rape, assault, strangulation and kidnap offences. He pleaded guilty in October last year to three counts of rape and one count of deprivation of liberty.

Prosecutors discontinued ten other charges including torture and animal cruelty.