British father-of-one, 29, found beaten to death in the Bahamas

A British father, 29, was found beaten to death in the Bahamas.
A British father, 29, was found beaten to death in the Bahamas. Photo credit:

A British father-of-one has been found beaten to death in the Bahamas, reportedly making him the thirty-fourth homicide victim in the small West Indies country this year.

Dannie Lea, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Stoke-on-Trent, was found in the front yard of a property in the capital city of Nassau on Sunday, 26 May (local time). 

Lea was pronounced dead at the scene after officers found his body on a lawn in Eastern New Providence, according to the Daily Mail. Lea's severe head injuries indicate he had been beaten in the alleged attack.

Lea's former partner told the Daily Mail that Lea was a "kind and gentle-natured man with a young son and a large family."

The father-of-one, who previously lived in Cheshire, worked as a qualified personal trainer and an oil remediation engineer.

Bahamian authorities released various statements saying the culprit is on the run and a hunt for the murderer is underway. A post-mortem has been scheduled to determine the official cause of Lea's death.

As of April 2019 the Bahamas Travel Advisory recommends travellers and visitors to the Bahamas to exercise increased caution due to crime such as armed burglary, sexual assault and homicide.

The Travel Advisory also states that the majority of the country's crime occurs on New Providence island, where Lea was murdered.

The Economist Intelligence Unit reported that the US and other governments had heightened crime warnings for tourists travelling to the Bahamas in 2015.

Lea's homicide is believed to be the Bahamas' thirty-fourth murder this year.


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