CCTV footage shows brutal attack on elderly UK man

Warning: This video contains violence.

CCTV footage that captured the moment an elderly man was brutally assaulted by a young couple in Nottinghamshire, England, has been released by police.

The footage shows the elderly man attempting the cross the road, when the young couple walk up behind him.

The male attacker starts yelling and pointing at his victim for no reason, before throwing his can of beer over him.

The elderly man then tries to quickly walk away from the couple, but his attacker runs after him, jumps up, and kicks him in the back.

The attacker kicks the elderly man again, knocking him to the ground. He lands one final kick before walking away with his arms raised, showing no remorse for his violent act.

Nottinghamshire police wrote on their Facebook page the attacker "stamped on the man's head".

"A man was kicked and pushed to the ground before a man stamped on his head a number of times causing injuries.

"A woman also threw beer over the victim."

Police have released images to identify the young couple.
Police have released images to identify the young couple. Photo credit: Nottinghamshire Police / Facebook

The assault took place in late March, but police have now released the footage on their Facebook page in order to identify the two attackers.

Facebook users were outraged by the actions of the couple, as well as the number of people who walked by the assault without intervening.

"Shocking no one helped - could someone not have phoned the police?" one user commented.

"Both your mothers would be proud of you both...I think not," another user wrote.

One user pointed out that helping the man could put them at risk.

"You don't know if you're going to end up with a knife in your ribs or worse! Don't get me wrong, I would want to help, but is it worth your own life?" they commented.

Nottinghamshire Police are yet to identify the two attackers.


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