Concerns for BBC correspondent Nick Witchell after stumbling through Baby Sussex report

BBC Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, worried viewers after the experienced reporter stuttered through his Tuesday evening broadcast on Baby Sussex (local time).

The broadcast veteran attempted twice to persevere with his report outside Buckingham Palace before admitting defeat and handing back to in-studio reporter Ben Brown. 

Witchell was informing viewers about Harry and Meghan's new-born, the first Anglo-American member of the British Royal Family. He struggled with his initial opening, attempted to collect himself, but tripped over his words for a second time.

"Excuse me, let me just collect my thoughts," the Royal correspondent said, before a flustered second fumble.

Studio reporter Ben Brown carried on with the programme as if nothing happened.

Viewers began airing their concerns for the experienced broadcaster on social media, making Witchell a trending topic on Twitter.

Many agreed the stumbling broadcast could be an indication of Witchell's well-being.

Some worried viewers have reportedly contacted the BBC wanting confirmation on Witchell's health.

BBC veteran reporter and Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell.
BBC veteran reporter and Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell. Photo credit: Getty

A multitude of fellow reporters have expressed their support for Witchell. His BBC colleague, Jeremy Bowen, said: "He's a respected and experienced broadcaster, doing his job. I don't know what happened tonight but it's certainly no reason to be nasty."

Paul Royall, editor of the BBC News at Six and Ten, addressed the incident on Twitter: "For those asking about Nick Witchell - he's absolutely fine. Highly [unusual] for Nick - this can happen sometimes even to the most experienced and respected in busy live news broadcasting."