'Death zone': Mount Everest death toll rises to 11 due to increased congestion

Another mountaineer has died climbing Mount Everest, bringing the 2019 climbing season death toll to 11 people.

John Kulish, a 61-year-old American, died on Monday after summiting Mount Everest in the morning. 

The Director of Nepal's Tourism Department, Meera Acharya, told CNN that Kulish safely descended to the South Col late Monday evening, which has an altitude of approximately 7900 metres. He died suddenly soon after.

A multitude of climbers have been subjected to dangerous overcrowding due to increasing numbers and turbulent weather. The congestion has resulted in 11 deaths this season as delayed climbers have been clustered in areas of high altitude.

There is only one route to the summit, meaning further delays and congestion could result in an increased number of fatalities.

Experienced climbers have cited the growing commercialisation of conquering Everest, alongside difficult weather conditions, as contributing factors to the severe overcrowding.

Most people can only spend a few minutes at the peak without extra oxygen supplies. According to CNN, mountaineers have been queuing in an area commonly referred to as the "death zone", sitting above Everest's highest camp at 8000 metres.

More than 200 mountaineers have died on the peak since 1922.


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