Destructive, severe storm system ripping through United States

Severe storms are causing widespread damage across four US states, with more than 20 tornadoes ripping off roofs and throwing cars around.

Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas have been the worst hit, with at least 21 tornadoes tearing across the states - and more could be on their way, according to the National Weather System.

Local media reports homes being destroyed and cars being thrown around on Monday, while the police department in Mangum, Oklahoma warned residents to not leave their houses.

"On top of emergency crews trying to fix power lines and other damage from the tornado," the department said.

"The roads are now flooding due to the intense rain."

So far there have been no serious injuries or deaths, but people are being pulled to safety from flash flooding. Authorities have had to resort to using boats fight the current of water flowing down what was highways and local roads.

More violent weather is being forecast for the region on Tuesday, with a "high risk" warning put in place by the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.


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