Disabled AFL fan attacked by rival supporter in Melbourne

A disabled football fan was reportedly violently attacked at the MCG on Saturday night by a supporter of the rival team.

Hawthorn supporter, 31-year-old Ben Ploegmakers, was allegedly assaulted by a fan of the Melbourne Demons, Australian media reports. 

The fight broke out after the Demons beat the Hawthorn Hawks by five points. Fellow spectators were forced to intervene after the scuffle turned brutal.

Ploegmakers, who has an intellectual disability, was reportedly called "retard" and "spastic" before knocking a beer out of the attacker's hands.

The alleged attacker launched himself at Ploegmakers, punching his face and dragging him to the ground. Bystanders stepped in to help Ploegmakers, the Daily Mail reported.

Video footage obtained of the brawl captures the response by fellow fans: "He's f***ing disabled, you idiot," one man can be heard shouting.

"It's just terrifying, like he could've seriously hurt me," a visibly upset Ploegmakers said in an interview with 7 News.

"I admit that I shouldn't have thrown the beer on him but he shouldn't have called me a retard or spastic.

"I don't think he should be able to go to the footy because now I don't really feel that safe."

The Melbourne Demons released a statement saying the club was disgusted by the behaviour.

Victoria police confirmed a 34-year-old man has been spoken to, and he is expected to be charged with assault offences.