Disabled dog Ping Pong rescues baby buried by teen mum

Ping Pong the dog.
Ping Pong the dog. Photo credit: Khao Sod

A dog is being honoured as the pride of a community after sniffing out a newborn baby that had been buried alive.

Ping Pong, six, is a mixed-breed dog from the town of Tha Thalat in Thailand, and walks with just three working legs after being hit by a car when he was younger.

On Wednesday the dog was found by farmers sniffing and digging in a cassava field and, when they investigated what the dog was doing, they found a newborn baby.

According to local news service Khao Sod, the baby had been abandoned and buried by a 15-year-old girl who had been afraid her father would beat her for getting pregnant.

Thai police charged the girl with attempted murder after she confessed to the crime, while the baby - who was given a clean bill of health - has been taken into the care of its grandparents.

The dog's owner, Usa Nisaika, says Ping Pong is now the star of his town.

"Ping Pong was hit by a car, so he's disabled. But I kept him because he's so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go into the fields to tend to my cattle," Usa told Khao Sod. "He's loved by the entire village. It's amazing he found the baby."