Disturbing footage of woman in Australia blowing smoke from a bong into child's face

Footage posted to social media showing a woman blowing smoke from what appears to be drug paraphernalia has caused outrage.

The disturbing footage was first posted to Snapchat, but then shared across a number of platforms, and is reported to have been taken over the weekend in Gladstone, Queensland.

The unnamed woman lights a substance in a bong, inhales it and then blows the smoke in a child's face. The post was captioned 'Ha Ha', but not many people found it amusing.

One Facebook user posted: "She obviously has no respect for her child's health" while another wrote, "Hope this poor child has been taken away from these vile people."

One user wrote on Nine News' Twitter thread: "Unbelievable. I hope social services are on to this. If this is mum or not no child should ever be put in this situation.

"If they aren’t mature enough to do the right thing by a baby you don’t deserve to have one. So wrong."

It is unknown if the woman is the child's mother or what she was smoking.

Channel Nine News reported the video has been sent to the Department of Child Safety, who appealed for more details on the woman's identity.  


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