England's 'most haunted' pub has gone on sale for a scary price

The Devil's Stone Inn
The Devil's Stone Inn. Photo credit: Google Maps

A pub claiming to be the 'most haunted' in England is up for sale for almost a million dollars.

The Devil's Stone Inn in Shebbear, Devon, will cost you $NZ885,618 (£450,000) and comes with a reputation for ghosts and a secret tunnel, according to its listing.

The pub is named after a rock in the town square with its own mythology that says the devil himself dropped it from his pocket while in a fight with God and was then flattened into the ground by it.

Every year on November 5, while the rest of the country is celebrating Guy Fawkes, the townspeople of Shebbear turn the rock over in order to prevent the devil from digging his way out.

However, for those potential buyers put off by the thought of possible haunting moments, reviews on Tripadvisor were encouragingly sceptical.

"Supposedly this is one of the most haunted pubs in England, but I can't vouch for that," one user wrote.

"Reputed to be one of the 12 most haunted pubs in Britain but thankfully the only company we had was our own," another agreed.

The inn features a bar and restaurant along with eight letting bedrooms, one private bedroom and a beer garden.


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