Florida man arrested for obscene car sticker may file lawsuit against police officer

Dillon Webb is fighting for his right to free speech after his car sticker was deemed "obscene" by Florida police.
Dillon Webb is fighting for his right to free speech after his car sticker was deemed "obscene" by Florida police. Photo credit: Facebook/Bonderud Law

The United Nations permits the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression. Now, a Florida man is fighting for his right - the right to express his passion for eating ass.

Dillon Shane Webb, 23, used a sticker emblazoned across the rear window of his Chevrolet truck to announce to dating prospects his willingness to get experimental in the bedroom. 

Florida authorities did not see the funny side of his mobile Tinder bio, arresting Webb last Sunday after his refusal to remove the sticker.

State prosecutors declared they were dropping the charges on Thursday after Webb’s story was picked up by multiple media outlets.

Now, Webb is threatening to sue the sheriff’s office for violating his First Amendment rights.

Dashcam footage of the incident revealed the Columbia County sheriff’s deputy telling Webb he had been pulled over for “the derogatory sticker”.

The deputy attempted to justify its offensive nature: “Some 10-year-old little kid sitting in the passenger seat of his momma’s vehicle looks over and sees ‘I EAT ASS’ and asks his mom what it means; how is she going to explain that?”

Webb argued: “That’s the parent’s job, not my job.”

The deputy ordered Webb to remove an ‘S’ from “ASS”. Webb cited his constitutional right to free speech and refused the demand.

The officer charged Webb with a misdemeanor violation of Florida’s obscene-materials law and resisting an officer without violence.

Webb’s lawyer, Andrew Bonderud, told the media they are intending to file a lawsuit against the deputy’s office for violating Webb’s right to free speech.

Bonderud told Buzzfeed News that the sticker was intended to be humorous, not offensive.

“He shouldn’t end up in jail for making a joke like that,” said Bonderud.

Bonderud has praised Webb for his determination to fight for his rights.

“It was brave of him to refuse to take down what he thought was protected speech,” Bonderud said.

Many people have taken to Twitter to express their support.

“Dillon Shane Webb was wrongfully arrested for having the words “I eat ass” on his car. This is the freedom of speech movement I f***ing live for,” said one user.

Others have called Webb a “true American hero” and a “patriot”.

“I think it is important for us to come together and stand with Dillon Shane Webb,” said another tweet. “Arrested unjustly for standing for a cause we can all get...behind.”


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